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Annual Minutes of the 2022 Annual Meeting
Adams Lodge    Roosevelt International Park
July 16, 2022      1:00 pm   Atlantic Time

Lewis Pinkham, President            Elisabeth Sandberg, Treasurer (Zoom)       
Valerie Mylowe, Secretary           David Blatt, Director              Chuck Mello, Director
Linda Elliott, Director ( Zoom)                    Absent   Elaine Haworth, VP

12:45 to 1:30 pm Members with their families and guests signed in by the entrance door. Many gathered in discussion beside a large, white island map with lot numbers and section names spread across a table. The map was donated by Elaine Haworth to  be placed in the CIC Office. Others took time to peruse their packet containing a ballot, island map, a summary of important property covenants, a copy of the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes, a 2022 Treasurer's Report and a recycling schedule.

Members selected their seats at the arranged, U- shaped tables in front of large windows with panoramic views of Friar's Bay.

President's Report -At 1:30 p the 2022 Annual CIC Meeting was called to order by President Lewis Pinkham. He introduced the Board Members who were present and those who attended by Zoom. He encouraged all members in attendance to participate in the meeting discussions.      


Lewis summarized the dedication and accomplishments of the Board during the difficult past year. In answer to a possible call of questions, the President stated that he will elaborate on some of the issues at a later time during the meeting. Projects included: informing membership that the Province of New Brunswick was offering for sale a number of lots, responding to the increased property tax on the Hydro Station property, overseeing the maintenence of common areas, covenant and by-law questions, preparing a description of and hiring a Property Patrol Manager, responding to building a right of way for a new owner, requesting the Rural Community help with dumping of trash, sending out a newsletter, securing two picnic tables for Schooner Cove, repairing with stones the washed-out beach step access at Schooner Cove, facilitating organization of "Idyl Hours" each Tuesday at Schooner Cove as place to gather and enjoy, keeping of the financial records, payment of taxes, collecting payment of dues, communications to NB Minister of Finance regarding road conditions and contact with Island law enforcement.

Treasurer's Report  Elisabeth (reporting by Zoom) stated that CIC operates on a modest budget. All bills have been paid. CIC has two CD accounts. This year the $15,000 in the Maintenance Budget will have an expense of $9,000 for application of stones on the road and circle into Schooner Cove. Also included under maintenence will be payment for upkeep of the Common Areas such as Mill Creek Cove, the Tennis Courts, and Fundy Drive Meadow.  A new expense this year will be a the hiring and payment to a property patrol manager.                                                                                                                                                              

The Board unanimously approved the donation of money to the Rural Community in the amounts of $1,000 for the Fire Company, $1,000 for the Ambulance Squad and $500 for the Food Bank.  Members at the annual meeting spoke in agreement of reinstating community donations per budget allocation. ( After the meeting, it was learned that the Campobello Ambulance Squad is now privatized. The Board reassigned the donation recipients and amounts to include The Campobello Whale Rescue Team.)                    Elisabeth proposed that there be an option for members who wished to make electronic payment of dues instead of writing a check. Fees would be paid by the user.  Members could continue to make payment by check. She and Lewis will work with the Thomas Agency on that type of payment plan. Elisabeth and Lewis recommended that the same budget as last year be in place. They also advised keeping the annual dues at $80. The attending membership agreed.

Secretary's Report....Minutes of Annual Meeting  July 20, 2019                                

Members at the meeting were asked to approve the 2019 minutes based on reading the copy that they received at the meeting. A question arose about the minutes being from 2019, Lewis stated that there was no meeting in 2020 or 2021 because of COVID restrictions. Thereafter, the 2019 minutes were approved.  

Old Business Topics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

There is on-going interaction by CIC concerning the Hydro-Sub Station which services Gran Manan but is built on one of our properties. Lewis has been dealing with the Province regarding this lot being taxed based on the evaluation of the land AND on the building which we neither own nor receive rent from NB. An attorney for CIC has reviewed the case. During a call for members opinions, ideas presented were: sell it to the Province, give it to the Province, let the taxes relapse or offer it to the Rural Community. It was decided that our President should investigate selling it to the Province.                                                                                                                                                  


An attendee suggested that CIC should be more vigilant in common area trash pick up, particularly at Mill Cove. Again it was suggested that trash containers be placed at Mill Cove and Schooner Cove. Another suggestion by a member was a Trash Transfer Station. Another member shared that in August, CIC residents could participate in a Great Fundy Day Pickup.                                                                                                                                               

Deeds and Covenants questions were fielded. Some Covenants and By Laws were explained. Having a trailer parked on property is a violation of covenants. Questioned were motor homes on properties.  Are CIC dues carried over and credited to new owner at a sale of property was another question.  

A member suggested that because there were more full-time residents on Fundy Drive the dirt road should be paved. Membership was encouraged to personally communicate with the Minister of Finance in New Brunswick. ( see address etc. in the CIC Spring Newsletter.)

It was noted that some grading improvement recently had been made.    


New Business                    


The missing Owen Court sign has been replaced.
President Lewis pointed out that The Rural Community of Campobello Island is inviting developers to submit proposals for the develpment of Senior Residental Housing on Route 774 on land formerly owned by CIC. This proposal includes an option to build Affordable Residential Housing on adjacent land on Fundy Drive. A question presented was if a property is purchased by the Province through a tax lien, are the CIC covenants null and void.    

Discussion followed with the suggestion of a vote in support of the community proposal in this regard. Others then suggested not to support while others suggested that before voting there was more to be learned about type and height of structures, legality, as well as effects on water levels and sewers. Lewis will find out information by meeting with the mayor as well.    


Club House/ Event Center   Lewis presented the idea of a Club House on Mill Cove. Members attending shared back information about existing architectural plans, size, and proposed use such as a meeting center and office. Discussions continued about cost, location and maintenence. After interest was shown, Jeff Clausen and Lewis agreed to investigate and report their findings and suggestions.  

A position of Property Patrol Manager was created. The job descriptiion includes checking the condition of roads and Common Areas, checking the perimiters of properties and lots, reporting vandalism. Compensation for 8 hours every two weeks will be $5200 per year. Mike Calder was hired on a one-year contract. He will report to the President with a copy to the Vice President.

Election of CIC President and Officers The Election of CIC  President for 2022-2024 was called. There were no submissions before July 16th to Elisabeth of names of candidates. The vote for Lewis was unanimous. Election of Directors was called for by Lewis stating that those interested should declare themselves. The names suggested were Elaine Haworth, Elisabeth Sandberg, Valerie Mylowe,  Dave Blatt, Chuck Mello, Linda Elliot, Nathalie Lacaille and John Marotta. Appointment of Officers was from the suggested names.  Elaine, VP, Elisabeth,(T), and Valerie.(S) were selected by the President to be officers. Dave, Chuck, Linda, Nathalie and John will be Directors.     
CIC members at the meeting were encouraged to lend a hand to the CIC organization by volunteering. It was explained that there are many ways to make an impact. The suggestion was to contact any board member if interested.          

Meeting Adjourned   The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm                              
Members stayed at the Adams Lodge to enjoy engaging conversation along with a beautifully served dinner including a Caesar Salad, choice of steak, chicken or lobster and a delightful meringue parfait.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Mylowe,


Campobello Island Club, Inc.


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