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Campobello Island Club, Inc.

Minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting

Adams Lodge  Roosevelt International Park

15 July 2023



Officers and Board Members in Attendance: Lewis Pinkham (24), President; Elisabeth Sandberg (25), Treasurer; Valerie Mylowe (24), Secretary; Directors: Dave Blatt (25), Chuck Mello (24) Linda Elliott (25), John Marotta (25)


Call to Order

Board Introductions     

President Pinkham opened the meeting at 1:15p by introducing the Board Members. He shared that Elaine Haworth would no longer be available to be the Vice President. Many in the audience praised her thirty years of accomplishments by remembering her as a resident and office holder. Much of the success of the CIC community continues with thanks to her. Because of your contributions, she will be sent a lovely Campobello in the Fall orange, cream, and green quilt that was hand-sewed by a member of the St. Ann’s Quilters Guild.


Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes July 16, 2022.

Copies of the minutes of the Annual Meeting of 2022 were distributed. There were no corrections or additions. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Dawn Knudson and seconded by Gerry Pederson.  The minutes were approved as written.


Report from Officers

    Lewis Pinkham, President   

 An overview of the past year’s agendas and accomplishments was presented.


Lewis explained that during the winter Angela and Mike Calder were hired as Property Managers for $25 an hour for one day every two weeks. As part of their yearly contract expectations, they have prepared and given a monthly log report to Lewis. A homeowner is responsible for the home itself, but the Calder Team reports damage such as fallen trees. They have been the eyes and ears for CIC Community over the winter.  

Reports required by the Province have been filed and will be placed in the CIC office in the Harry Martin Insurance Company. The Canadian government requires three forms every year.

Dues will remain at $80.

Donations were distributed last summer to three local organizations. Elisabeth and Valerie personally presented a card and a check of philanthropy to the Campobello Island Volunteer Fire Company ($ 1,500), Whale Rescue ($500) and the Food Bank ($500). Each gift was received with thanks to our membership for caring about the Rural Community. Lewis asked the attending membership for their continued approval. There were no dissents. Suggestions were requested and alternate suggestions were presented for the 2023 summer donations. Dave Blatt suggested the possibility of Friends of The Lighthouse and will get information about that idea while Elisabeth said our local Library.  The Board will investigate all formal suggestions and will be responsible for the final decisions.


Maintenance issues cover Schooner Cove and Mill Creek area. The Board recommends that property maintenance be increased for the roadway entrance and water view at Schooner Cove, the parking areas at Mill Cove and a five-to-ten-foot viewing cutback be undertaken along The Meadow to reveal the beauty of the pond beyond. These projects will be designed with the idea of increased usage and increased property value. Because of reported incidents of campers on the Schooner Cove property Linda Elliott designed and ordered an attractive wooden sign … No Overnight Camping….which will be placed at Schooner Cove



 Elaine Haworth, Vice President.      Her tasks included keeping track of the terms of officers and directors and updating the membership list by reporting new addresses and changes of ownership to the billing agency and to the Board. She assisted in the overseeing and hiring of contractors. Elaine worked to clarify issues with the sub-station and with the legal challenges of property violations. Elaine has fulfilled her term of office and will not be running for reelection. She will continue to be available for our questions.


 Elisabeth Sandberg, Treasurer, The 2023 Budget was presented in comparison to past years. The question of legal fees were deferred to discussion of the annual budget. There were no other questions about the budget

              Review Budget 


  Valerie Mylowe, Secretary :Valerie prepared the minutes from the 2022 annual meeting as well as from the Zoom Board meetings which were held monthly as needed throughout the winter. She wrote content for the Spring email newsletter which then was compiled, designed and sent out thanks to Kim Huerlin.


Unfinished Business

 Hydro Sub-Station

The Hydro-Station sale to the Province continues to be ongoing. A hold-up on their part is based on an environmental impact and review study reportedly being done by them.  Our CIC pays taxes on the property yet receives no rent from the Province. The membership in attendance wanted to continue with the sale despite the time frame. The membership present did not want to stop paying property tax on the substation lot and let the government take it.


New Business/ Members’ Questions

Lewis called for audience questions or concerns.


Membership question was about having to submit a check to the Thomas Agency as payment of dues. It was pointed out that many no longer use checks so there needs to be an updated payment method. Additionally, when using checks or money orders Canadian owners have a rate exchange to figure out.


A CD is approaching maturity so Lewis will see that it is reinvested. The membership indicated that Lewis take care of the  CD renewal.


The question was brought up as to the amount that CIC pays in taxes to the Province. 


Members were satisfied and compliments were given regarding the lack of trash along the roadways and cul de sacs. The Calder Team removed and cleaned-up trash and furniture that had been thrown in piles in the cul de sacs. Our year-round residents along with property managers were thanked for that effort. Bottles and cans can be dropped off in bins at the school. Money earned is used by the students as a Fund Raiser,



Election of Additional Directors

Based on the CIC covenants, the Board will consist of four officers and may have up to five Directors. President Lewis Pinkham opened nominations from the floor for two additional volunteers. Dawn Knudson and Jeff Clausen were suggested. They agreed, were approved and now will participate on the Board as Directors.


There was a motion to adjourn to enjoy a fantastic luncheon .

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